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Album Surf

San Clemente, CA

Since 2001, we've been sharing the stoke with one-of-a-kind, innovative surfboards, handmade by surfers in the USA. We have a healthy supply of surfcraft, surf accessories, apparel, and other fine goods at our showroom in San Clemente, ready to ship wherever you find yourself on this awesome planet.

Andreini Surfboards

Half Moon Bay, CA

Marc Andreini is a California shaper/surfer who started surfing in 1962 and shaped his first board at the age of 14. Respected for his talent and skills as a shaper, Andreini was influenced by such notables as Reynolds Yater and George Greenough.

Ashely LLoyd Surfboards

Santa Cruz, CA

Ashley's love for the ocean started at a young age in Malibu. A life evolved around riding California peelers has helped to foster her knowledge of a vast array of surfboard shapes. In 2002, while studying music in Santa Barbara, Ashley also began the craft of making surfboards.

Bing Surfboards

Encinitas, CA

Bing Surfboards was founded by Bing Copeland, who spent much of his childhood growing up next to the ocean at Manhattan Beach, California. He would regularly spend time with other fellow surfers, where they surfed between California and Hawaii.

CJ Nelson Designs

Santa Cruz, CA

My friends and I have designed and crafted a range of surfboards that are redefining what a surfboard looks like and rides like. Each one is handbuilt by our team of craftsmen using only the finest quality materials.

Campbell Brothers

Ventura, CA

The Bonzer is the archetype of the modern surfboard. It was the first standardized tri-fin surfboard (Dec. 1970). Unbeknownst to us at the time, others were working on a three fin design of there own.

Catch Surf

San Clemente, CA

Catch Surf was founded in San Clemente, California in 2007 by a chap called George Arzente. At the time he was a real estate developer, and had decided to take a one year sabbatical, so he could surf and chill in California.

During that time he realized his true passion for surfing, but also saw an opportunity to make surfboards like bodyboards – out of foam. And so Catch Surf was born from this mantra.

Channel Islands

Santa Barbara, CA

Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 50 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge

Chemistry Surfboards

Oceanside, CA

Chemistry Surfboards was created in 2001 by Jason Bennett and Michael Baron. Focusing on custom shaping and preserving a culture of youth and progressive surfing, the two surrounded themselves with friends and industry-shaping heavyweights to create innovative designs.

Chilli Surfboards

Torrance, CA

A high performance, world class surfboard brand based in Sydney's Northern Beaches, Chilli Surfboards and founding owner James Cheal pride themselves in creating surf craft for the best surfers in the world while still offering performance options for everyone.


San Marcos, CA

A world class surfer in his own right, Chris Christenson shapes some of the raddest most diverse surfboards out there for his label Christensen Surfboards.

DHD Surfboards

Burleigh Heads, AUS

DHD is the brand behind one of Australia and the worlds most renowned performance surfboard shapers, Darren Handley. DH works closely with some of the world's most elite professional surfers such as Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore in order to refine his designs and help take their performance surfing to the next level.

Dash Surfboards

New Port Beach, CA

Dash is a collection of surfboards designed and manufactured in the heart of Costa Mesa, CA.

Deepest Reaches Surfboards

Irvine, CA

Kyle Albers, the man behind Deepest Reaches, creates some really interesting surfboards. Hand shaped in Irvine, California, Kyle thinks outside the box and isn't limited by preconceived notions of what a surfboard should be like.

Emery Surfboards

Byron Bay, AUS

Emery Surfboards has established itself as a premier surf brand in the community, producing innovative designs and shapes. Head shaper, Alan Emery, has spent decades perfecting his craft with consultation and feedback from professional surfers such as Adam Melling.

Eye Symmetry Surfboards

Manly, AUS

Quality, innovation, performance, and design is what you get in every Eye Symmetry Surfboard. Founded in 2013 by Head Shaper Max Stewart in Manly, Australia, Eye Symmetry provide highly visual, aesthetic designs that have caught the attention of the surfing world.

FCD Surfboards

Ventura, CA

For the last 20+ years, we've been dedicated to building durable, long-lasting, high performance boards using the best materials. We are committed to constant innovation to develop higher-performing designs and construction. We shape and glass in Ventura from start to finish, using materials and processes designed to lengthen the life of your boards.


Carlsbad, CA

Founded in 1981 in Western Australia, Firewire (then called Nev Surfboards) has a deep history of producing boards for the world’s best surfers.

Garmendia Surfboard

Zarautz, Basque Country, Spain

Jon Garmendia did it again. The second time around winner of The Longboard Spanish Championship and winner of the expression session of the best-shared wave with Alex Knost at Vans Duct Tape Invitational. This young surfer keeps some secrets under his belt that we are going to unravel, starting by saying that he is not only a shaper and a perfect one at that but much more indeed.

Gary McNeill Concepts

Kirra, AU / Oceanside, CA

Gary McNeill, one of Australia’s finest shapers and Dave Rastovich’s board builder of choice started his journey in Wollongong, New South Wales. Growing up in a community of incredible shapers and surfers, Gary found his way into the shaping bay at the tender age of 12, experimenting with an old longboard.


El Segundo, CA

Haydenshapes Surfboards is an Australian performance surfboard. Brand founded by designer and entrepreneur Hayden Cox in 1996, sold worldwide. Haydenshapes most notable design is the Hypto Krypto model, and the brand is known for their use of parabolic carbon fibre frame surfboard technology FutureFlex also created and patented by Hayden Cox. The Haydenshapes core team of professional athletes include influential free surfer Craig Anderson and surfer Creed Mctaggart

Hess Surfboards

San Francisco, CA

Based in SF and The Santa Cruz Mountains, I’m always refining my approach to surfboard building through long hours in the ocean and at the woodshed.

JS Industries

JS Industries

JS Surfboards was started by Australia shaper Jason Stephenson and have grown to become one of the most influential surfboard manufacturers.

Jive Surf

Santa Barbara, CA

It's about the relationship, the interaction, the creation formed between the shaper and the surfer. It's the expression of one's inner person that spreads love and deepens the connection

Kris Hall Surfboards

Long Beach, CA

When Kris Hall first picked up a planer as a teenager, he thought he was just making himself a new surfboard. What he didn’t realize was that he was opening up a Pandora’s box of rockers, rails and templates that would quickly come to define his life.

Machado Surfboards

Encinitas, CA

Hey my name is Rob Machado, stoked you're here and that we're able to share the stoke. Ever since coming off tour I have found pleasure in the simple things like riding fun boards with great people in beautiful places.

Mandala Custom Shapes

San Marcos, CA

My name is Manuel C. Caro. Some folks call me Manny. I live in Leucadia, where my family’s close, the water’s warm, and the surf is mellow and fun.

Mark Richards Surfboards

Sydney, AUS

Mark Richards Surfboards manufacture a wide range of surfboards for all skill levels, from beginner through to advanced surfers.
Regardless of your needs, I’m confident I can make you a board which will improve and increase your enjoyment of your surfing.
We cut no corners in the production of MR boards. We work on the principle of low output / high quality and we use only the finest materials available. Australian Burford blanks, and imported American resin and fibreglass.

Neal Purchase Designs


Son of one of the most influential shapers of Australia, Neal was born with a hand full of talents. He not only shapes and surfs amazingly well, but he is also the gifted guitar player of the band Haldane's Daughters and co-founder of Rhythm.

Panda Surfboards

Costa Mesa, CA

Panda Surfboards are known for their innovative and performance-based surfboard design. Drawing on both traditional surfboard design as well as modern inspiration, head shaper Blake Peters has spent years testing and refining his board models to create a range of boards that suit every mood.

Pukas Surf

Zarautz, Basque Country / Spain

Pukas Surf is a family driven company based in the Basque Country and has built a reputation for making quality high-performance surfboards and custom bikinis.

Pyzel Surfboards

San Clemente, CA

Pyzel Surfboards began in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore around 1995 or so, and has evolved to become one of the leading surfboard companies in the world today.

Robert August Surfboards

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

An overview of great surfboard shapers and brands of our time would be incomplete without the mention of Robert August Surfboards.
With a rich history in the sport, Robert August started his line of surfboards and longboards in Huntington Beach, California in the 1970s and it has now grown to become one of the most trusted surfboard manufacturers to date.

Roberts Surfboards

Ventura, CA

Roberts Surfboards is a high performance board building company that is helping to define the future of modern surfing. Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboard’s was awarded Shaper of the Year for 2011 by Surfing Magazine.

Rusty Surfboards

San Diego, CA

Mention Rusty Surfboards and anyone that is a fan of surfing is bound to recognize this brand. Through the years, Rusty has moved to take its place among the best surfboard manufacturers not only in North America but also with recognition by surfers the world over.

Ryan Burch Surfboards

Oceanside, CA

From surfing to shaping to creating his own clothing collection for Volcom, Ryan Burch has been a very busy man. He just got done touring the West Coast with Ozzie Wright for the Volcom Road Rager Surf Tour, which included a Ryan Burch Surfboard demo, and pumping out a bunch of fresh new Ryan Burch surfboards (learn about these below).

Ryan Lovelace Surf

Santa Barbara, CA

Ryan’s contribution to the world of surfboard shaping started with a desire to shape boards more than a desire to join a specific movement. And, yet, he now sits strongly in the middle of alternative surf culture.

Sharp Eye Surfboards

San Diego, CA

Sharp Eye Surfboards pushes the boundaries of modern design with a range of surfboard models that have been built to test conventional shaping practices.
Sharp Eye Surfboards offer high quality, consistent board design.

Space Time Surfboards


Space Time Surfboards are shaped and designed by Alrik Yuill. Integrating and evolving designs inspired by theories of the past while looking to nature and his own personal experiences as an artist/surfer; he creates boards of future dreams.

Stamps Surfboards

Westminister, CA

We are the real deal, from start to finish. no smoke, no mirrors, no slick marketing campaign...just foam dust, resin and salt water – that's what runs through my veins. it's all about making the best performing, highest quality surfboards possible.

Crime Surf

San Clemente, CA

The Crime style is influenced by the rebellious subversive elements of authentic surf and skateboard lifestyle. Crime's design team consists of surfers, skateboarders, shapers, and artists out of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and San Clemente, CA.

Surfboards by Donald Takayama

Waikiki, Hawaii

Donald Moke Takayama (November 16, 1943 – October 22, 2012) was an American professional surfer and surfboard shaper.

T.Patterson Surfboards

San Clemente, CA

T. Patterson Surfboards was founded in 1980 by surfboard shaper Tim Patterson. The Patterson family has a long history in the surfing industry and Tim is the second generation surfboard builder from the Patterson family. His father, Ronald Patterson, and his uncles, Robert and Raymond Patterson, have been involved in the surf industry since its inception in the 1950’s

Tanner Surfboards

Costa Mesa, CA

Tanner Prairie was born in Costa Mesa, California and spent his days surfing at Blackies in Newport Beach..
Blackies offered a community and network of friendships that still remain a huge part of his life today.

Tarvis Reynolds

Santa Cruz, CA

Travis Reynolds was born in Santa Cruz Ca. in 1982. His parents are artists, his mother a painter/illustrator and his Dad, a photographer/architect. Travis was brought up with a creative outlook from day one. He started surfing down the street from his Mom’s house at Pleasure Point, in Santa Cruz at the age of 10.

Terry Surfboards

Biarritz, FR

Born in Morocco at the beginning of the 70s, from a surfer father, I keep my head full of memories from that time which certainly shape my vision of surfing and shape.
I can see the first Australian Vans who ventured onto the African continent, single fins, the first smells of wax, sessions where these pioneers faced with style still virgin waves such as Dar Bouazza or Anchor Point.

Tomo Surf

Lenox Head, AUS

Tomo is inspired to lead the next generation of performance surfboards by creating new design trends and elevating the surfing experience. With a dedicated formula cultivated with a passionate vision, scientific analysis and vigorous testing process, Tomo Surfboards are truly State of the Art.


Santa Barbara, CA

A collaborative crew furthering the tradition of hand shaped surfboards. Shaped by Alex Lopez | Joseph Yee | Michael Arenal | John Oppito | Josiah Morris | Davey Smith

Troy Elmore

Costa Mesa, CA

Troy's taste and style as a self-quoted fashionista has helped fuel the movement of what Chris Gentile of Pilgrim would call “The Surf Revivalists”. His main focus and career revolve around his label, Elmore Surfboards, but Troy is an expressive creator at heart.

Tudor Surfboards

Los Angeles, CA

Joel Tudor is a surfer, primarily known for longboarding, and competitive grappler from San Diego, California.

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