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Chilli Surfboards

Torrance, CA

A high performance, world class surfboard brand based in Sydney's Northern Beaches, Chilli Surfboards and founding owner James Cheal pride themselves in creating surf craft for the best surfers in the world while still offering performance options for everyone.

James Cheal's zest for surfboard shaping started in 1995 in a surfboard factory when James sanded boards and swept the shaping bay floor. When the inevitable curiosity to shape his own shapes eventually took hold, he was surprised to find that his first creation actually worked in the water! Hooked and the feeling of putting his mind to a design that actually worked in the water and motivated by the desire to refine his craft, he eventually opened a small factory in Brookvale and Chilli Surfboards was born.

Fast forward, Chilli is now an international brand with Chilli Surfboards manufactured and distributed in Japan, North America, South America, Europe and Taiwan, Chilli now calls Warriewood - still on Sydney's Northern Beaches - home.

Shaping boards for progressive superstar free surfer Mitch Coleborn, Jay Davies, Beau Foster, Laura Enever and more, Chilli Surfboards has it's finger on the pulse of progressive surfboard designs for the some of the world's best surfers. Still, anyone who has ridden the Rare Bird can attest that Chilli Surfboards is also very capable of making amazing, performance oriented designs that are user friendly enough to be enjoyed by the everyday surfers of the world.

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