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Ryan Burch Surfboards

Oceanside, CA

From surfing to shaping to creating his own clothing collection for Volcom, Ryan Burch has been a very busy man. He just got done touring the West Coast with Ozzie Wright for the Volcom Road Rager Surf Tour, which included a Ryan Burch Surfboard demo, and pumping out a bunch of fresh new Ryan Burch surfboards (learn about these below).

Shaping his boards for several years now, Burch has found a handful of designs he truly can get behind. Soon after his much-watched surfing part in the 2015 surf film Psychic Migrations where he’s seen shaping his own surfboard, then riding it beautifully in flawless surf, surfers and artists began to take notice of the different kinds of boards he was riding and the unique approaches he was taking to riding waves. Suddenly, surfers from all over world cluttered Burch’s DMs with customer order requests, and a business was spontaneously formed.

We found some time with Ryan Burch during the Road Rager Surf Tour to give us an in-depth look into his different shapes, what’s the deal with asymmetrical surfboards, his (+ Ozzie’s) thoughts on competitive surfing, his favorite boards to shape, and more. 

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